PART I: About

Born on November 30th, 1997. Enrico Pisano is the youngest of 4 kids. His major interests in life are film, music & philosophy. 

His creative journey began when he was just a kid. All he wanted to do was play outside and film him & his friends playing football, riding bikes and making gaming compilations on YouTube. 

After completing his Pre-university education (VWO). His ambition was not to go to university but instead his ambition was to become a filmmaker. Even though he wasn’t following a university-education at that time. He started his Internship at New Day Studio. A Film & Photo studio that works for big commercial brands.  

After his internship he studied Film & literature on University of Leiden. But he dropped out at age 21.

While he was studying he already was working in the field as a writer/director. At age 21 He had his biggest project named Brotherhood of Brutality. He wrote & directed a shortfilm that was screened to 10.000 people during the harddance event Brotherhood of Brutality (Nov 2nd, 2019).

At age 25 he produced and directed a Music Video for Hard-dance DJ Miss K8 in the city of Los Angeles. This was a really learnful experience, not just for the scale of the production but also working with top industry crew who worked with Micheal Bay, Colins Eyes, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and more. He still has contact with his crew and is planning to return to the states soon for another production. 

In progress…

PART II: Philosophy

What do I want to do with my life? A question everyone has asked themselves. How do you figure this out? Is it about being good at something? Or is it about what seems to be the most logical thing to do. Stephen Spielberg once said “The thing you should do with your life, your purpose, it doesn’t come knocking on the frontdoor. It rarely shouts. Most of the time it is that whispering voice that tells you. All you have to do is listen really closely.”

For me these ‘whispers’ came when I was still a kid. I remember often playing football outside. Next to the football there were 2 things for me that couldn’t be forgotten. A boombox and a phonecamera. I spend more time on filming the perfect goalkick, then actually playing football. I often played videogames also. Most of the time Call of duty & Fifa. But again, I spend more time on the ‘replays’. On Fifa replaying goal in super-slowmotion with the camera perfectly following and turning around the ball while it hit the goal.  On call of duty I spend a lot of time making these so called ‘montages’. A series of perfect kills all edited together on Windows Moviemaker and edited to the music. 

Another whisper is me not getting enough of MTV and it’s dutch variant TMF. I believe because I’m the youngest of four kids I was exposed to this type of culture & content at a much younger age then most kids.

It feels like all these interests were ’the whispers’ Stephen Spielberg was talking about. I now feel everything comes together when I’m working on one of my projects. Film, music, philosophy and the team effort. 

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